Product introduction

Laboratory animals drinking water is an important potential factor that affect the quality of laboratory animals. The way of producing water of traditional sterile has a big risk, for example, the resistance bacteria filtration membrane is damaged on replacement is not timely, the pipeline is easy to pollution, ultraviolet disinfection is unreliable.

BIST-WD series online sterilization equipment of animals drinking water uses super-high temperature sterilization technology. The sterility assurance value is F0 >12, which can kill all microorganisms and spores. The equipment can achieve thoroughly sterilize for animals drinking water. It continuous produces water, and as used with the open, which meets the needs of the vast majority of animal rooms. It has the characteristics that sterilization reliable, high efficiency producing water, small footprint, easy to operate and reducing energy consumption.

Product Features

Reliable sterilization

Using ultra high temperature sterilization technology, principle of sterilization and technology mature, safe and reliable, low operating cost.

Large produce a water yield

Immediate sterilization, continuous producing water, as used with open, fast processing speed, and meeting the needs of the vast majority of animal rooms.

Online sterilization

Timing of water pipeline cleaning and disinfection, to avoid contarmination.

No dead angle design

No dead Angle and blind pipe design, no dead Anglesin cleaning and sanitation.

Water cycle design

Water has been in circulation flow state, avoid secondary pollution.

Low energy consumption

The equipment can saves steam more than 80% than the high-temperature sterilization, and saves water about more than 50% than traditional water machine.

High degree of automation

Fully automatic running, touch screen operation, the work-flow and temperature, pressure and time during working can be dynamic displayed without human intervention.

High safety

Multiple alarm protection function: over-pressure and over temperature alarm, etc., ensure the safety of equipment operation.

High stability

The main control members and valve members are all selected form international brands, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of equipment.

Water quality verifiable

Equipment with a sampling port is easy to sample for water and to monitor biological.

Lower requirements of utilities

The drainage system has been through effective cooling process, reduced pollution to the environment

Sterilization parameters is printable and recorded 

Equipped with a printer can print and record the process parameters during the sterilization process and Sterilization process data, which is easy to archive management.