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SHINVA has developed the first Peroxyacetic Acid Low Temperature Sterilizer in the world, the first High Energy Medical Electronic Linear Accelerator and other high precision products in China. It has established the first intelligent sterilization supply center in China and other industry innovation projects, and has won the first FDA Certification in the field of sterilization equipment in China.

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Infection Control

As an expert in hospital infection control integrated solutions, in addition to manufacturing professional washing and disinfection equipment, autoclaves, low-temperature sterilizers and logistics and storage devices, we began to provide integrated solutions for medical institutions in 2000, includingCSSD, Third-party CSSD, ESSD, Ward Washing and Disinfection Center, Baby Bathing Center and Bed Unit Washing and Disinfection Center etc.

Radiotherapy Equipment

SHINVA Medical is the first Chinese radiotherapy products manufacturer. It possesses seven main categories products, including linear accelerator, 3D treatment planning system, simulator, y-ray remote control afterloading machine, Cobalt-60 teletherapy unit, radiotherapy accessories and blood irradiator, and can provide users complete radiation therapy solutions.

Surgical Instruments and Biomedical Consumables

SHINVA's products have covered almost all surgical items including neuro instruments, cardiovascular instruments, orthopedic instruments, standard instruments, ENT instruments, gynecologic and obstetric instruments. In recent years we have launched non-chrome plated product line and ceramic product line firstly in China, non-chrome plated neuro and micro instruments, cardiovascular instruments, high grade orthopedic instrument and titanium instruments.

Operating Room Integrated Solutions

Integrated solution for digital operation room includes OR clean project design and construction, complete set of medical equipments and comprehensive information control software.

Dental Equipment

SHINVA Medical entered the dental field at the beginning of the 21st century. Relying on the cleaning and sterilization equipment of the group company, it continued to develop in the two major directions of diagnosis and treatment and technicians. It followed the development trend of the dental field and formed dental clinical diagnosis and treatment products and dental technicians.

Laboratory Equipment

The Laboratory technology Factory of SHINVA devotes itself to providingsystematic solutions for the industry of laboratory animals and laboratories. As the innovator and leader of the systematic solutions of laboratory animal support equipment in China, we can provide customized services based on actual requirements of customers.


SHINVA has invested RMB150 million to built the plant for hemodialysis project in District E, Shinva Medical Science and Technology Park. The constructive area covers 13,827 M as planned in the 1st phrase. An automatic dialyzer assembly line was imported from German to manufacture high quality hemodialysis products with leading technology which placed in Class 100,000 cleanroom in the 1st floor. In the 2nd floor lie Class 10,000 Clean OperatingLab(400 rrf ) and Workshop for manufacturing hemodialysis device(2,000 rrf).

Medical Environmental Protection

Based on the generation, collection and processing of medical waste in medical waste processing center, and management regulations, development forecasts and money raisingability, we analyze the necessity of the project and the scale, technology and economy aspect, thus providing a consummate integrated design and running scheme.

In Vitro Diagnostics

SHINVA Medical established the in vitro diagnostic product division in 2014. Its products include Thromboela stograph, Sample processing and incubation system, Glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer, Fluorescence immunity analyzer, etc.

Pharmaceutical Equipments

The primary business of SHINVA Pharmaceutical Technology Group involves providing the pharmaceutical industry with engineering and design services for sterile injections, solid dosage forms, traditional Chinese medicine products, and biopharmaceuticals. We also offers comprehensive solutions, individual equipment, and research and technical services related to pharmaceutical processes.