Product introduction

BWS-L-S1000 rapid cage box cleaning machine is a fully automatic cage box cleaning equipment specially designed and developed according to the require ments of cage box cleaning in the experimental animal industry. It adopts the high-pressure and large-flow hot water spraying method to realize the automatic spraying cleaning of cage box, lid, metal grid rack, drinking water bottle, bottle stopper and other items

Product Features

Specially used in experimental animal centers

Manual door opening and closing design, upper and lower to open door structure, occupying small space, more adapt to the characteristics of compact cleaning space in the center of experimental animals, a working platform is formed after the door is opened for placing cleaning items loading rack;

4-6 minutes of rapid cleaning procedure, each time up to 40 mice IVC cage boxes can be cleaned, meeting the requirements of rapid cleaning;

Aiming at the problem of residual waste bedding material of animal cage box, the design of portable double layer filter structure is specially designed to avoid pipe blockage

For different pollutants in the cage, different automatic cleaning procedures are preset for the equipment, which is convenient for users to select and use flexibly

High work efficiency

Equipped with preheating tank, reduce the water heating time;

Patent design of high efficiency heat exchanger, reduce the heating time, improve energy utilization;

Optimize the overlapping time of different stage of cleaning process, without the auxiliary time such as water and drainage, to achieve the most efficient cleaning

Good cleaning effect

Imported large flow, high pressure circulating pump, to provide a steady high pressure water, ensure the cleaning effect;

Hot water spray cleaning and rinsing, ensure that after completion of cleaning items clean with no residue

Hygiene grade pipeline, not easy to breed bacteria, three layer of six groups of rotating arm design, no cleaning comer;

Automatic quantitative filling cleaner, more efficient cleaning thoroughly

High degree of automation

Siemens control system, color touch screen HMI interface, automatic operation, dynamic display of work process and working process of the parameters such as temperature, time, operation process without manual intervention;

Temperature, liquid level, parts working status, technological process, energy supplies, such as on-line monitoring, abnormal situation acousto-optic alarm prompt.

Energy saving

Final rinse water recycling for the next cleaning, to save water

Patent design cycle of heating system, reduce steam consumption, save energy;

Cleaning out the surface with a good performance of insulation materials effectively reduce heat loss and lower noise.


Door sealing adopts active inflated structure, good sealing effect, prevent the water leakage;

The program cannot be started if door does not close, door can be opened after the program completed to ensure safety:

Double deck glass observation window, heat insulation explosion protection, easy to observe state of cleaning items;

Equipment front panel with abrupt stop button, emergency stop device, to prevent accidental damage.


Control system, circulating pumps, sensors, valves and other key parts adopt high quality international brands, ensure reliable operation;

Chamber is made of stainless steel material, robot automatic welding forming, long service life, is not easy to deformation

Perfect after-sales service

Perfect after-sale service network, customer service personnel after receiving phone, the malfunction in time, ensure the safety work of animal house;

May coordinate the equipment installation testing, installation qualification and operational qualification activities, on-site service engineers.