Product introduction:

On the basis of fully studying the similar products of foreign companies, SHINVA Uniwin has independently designed and developed YYDG series continuous vacuum belt dryers with 4.5m-20m length and 2-10 belt layers. Users can select equipment according to production needs. The equipment not only solves the problem of drying extract and polysaccharide medicines in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, but also is suitable for industries such as food industry, health care industry, fine chemical industry, coating industry, pesticide industry, etc., and has wide application prospect.


The continuous drying process is completed in a vacuum state, which meets the GMP requirements.

The drying temperature is controlled at about 30-90 degrees, and the thermosensitive drug is not denatured.

The heater can be heated by steam, electricity and heat-conduction oil and heating lamp and it is easy to realize automatic temperature control.

During the drying process, the temperature of the materials is maintained at about 60-80℃. Continuous unloading is started after 45-60 minutes, and crushing is directly completed in a vacuum state.

Metering pump is used to realize uniform loading at a constant speed.

Stable and reliable operation, stainless steel belt or PTFE belt

The granulation is automatic, and in vacuum state, dry granules are continuously unloaded into the storage barrel which can be changed in the automatic drying process. An automatic device can also be configured to realize large scale production according user requirements.

Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise

With CIP function

Belt can be customized according to user requirements.