Complete EPC services for blood product can be provided, including project design, critical process equipment and system manufacturing, engineering implementation, installation, commissioning, automatic control, validation and after-sales training, etc.

As a professional supplier of turnkey solutions for blood products, we have already provided services to more than 90% of blood products manufacturers in China.

Advanced concept

Consideration of process pipeline and visiting route at the same time.

Technology interlayer and roadway

Three-dimensional space utilization—large tank sinking, technical interlayer steel structure, air conditioner room and riding track.

Full-automatic low-temperature plasma bank

Mixing and conveying system

Inactivation sterilizer with automatic loading and unloading system

Preparation center, laundry center

Energy saving—ice storage, ethylene glycol storage, solar power

Emission reduction—classified emission treatment

Modular process equipment

COMOS integrated operation and maintenance

Provide core process equipment and systems

Plasma logistics system

Plasma cleaning and sterilization, broken plasma bag detection system

Auxiliary material logistics system

Finished products logistics system

Sanitary vessel manufacturing

Core process equipment integration

Filling line

Freeze dryer with automatic loading and unloading system

Overwrapping machine

Inactivation sterilizer with automatic loading and unloading system

Various dry heat / moist heat inactivation sterilizer

Various washer