The automatic logistics system in sterilization area is a series of technological processes including automatic conveying and loading of LVP, automatic conveying of sterilization trolleys, automatic sterilization and automatic unloading after sterilization. It is the latest generation of pharmaceutical machinery dedicated to automation.

◇ It uses four-axis robots to automatically place bags into sterilization trays and has a cage-shaped automatic bag unloading machine. Belt conveyors and a 90-degree turn belt conveyors are used to conveying bags. The whole system runs stably and reliably;

◇ Bag detection station can be added to prevent mixed batch and improve production quality;

◇ The system uses modular design and can be specially designed according to user site;

◇ It is suitable for various specification products, and has the function of recipe storage and use. The operation is easy and simple;

◇ Empty trolley station can be humanized designed according to user requirements and user site under the condition of meeting production requirements.