Product introduction

This equipment is a special one for feeding sterile animals or SPF animals. The sterilized squirrel cages, litter and drinking water bottles can be delivered into and out of the soft packs in a common environment in accordance with standard operating procedures, which facilitates animal breeding, SPF breeding, and conducting some viral pharmacological tests.


The equipment is equipped with two modes of transmission structure, which is convenient for users to use different habits.

The feeding cage box is designed for the soft bag with large load; the net cover has a buckle, which is convenient for taking the cage box with one hand.

The frame as a whole quick-fit joint connection, beautiful and easy to assemble.

Optional temperature and humidity sensor, wind speed sensor, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in the package and the number of air changes;

The device has a differential pressure meter to display the pressure difference inside the package in real time;

Air inlet system: The equipment can be equipped with a wind chassis. The wind speed of the fan can be adjusted manually. The air speed can be automatically adjusted by setting the number of air changes. (If the user adopts the air conditioning system, the air intake system can be omitted.)

The inner and exhaust valves of the isolation soft bag add a diffuser cover, and the airflow speed in the soft bag is gentle and stable;

The soft bag body is made of 0.45mm imported ultra-transparent PVC crystal film, which is non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant and transparent. The sleeve is 0.35mm, soft and easy to operate.

Structure features:

The isolator is mainly composed of an isolation soft bag, a frame, a rat case placed in the isolation bag, a transfer barrel and so on.