Business Trade Department

The domestic medical device market presents a situation in which “the old pattern and new forces coexist, and the survival of the fittest is intensifying”. In order to cope with new markets, new patterns and new changes, maintaining its leading position in the medical device field in the market, the new marketing pattern of international trade, e-commerce, trade and logistics has fully released the potential of marketing innovation.

The Business Department was established in July 2018, including Shandong Xinhua Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taimei Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bingcheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinhang Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Julitong Medical Supply Chain Co., Ltd. and the E-commerce Department.

On the one hand, the Business Department has established in-depth strategic cooperation with many international first-line brands to further enrich the company's product line. At present, it has obtained the national general agent of Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics product line, the national general agent of Xisen Meikang blood coagulation product line, Boston Science South China. The general agent of the district, and with the French bioMerieux company, BD company, Bard company, 3M and other companies on the part of the product line to establish regional agency cooperation. Relying on the company's comprehensive marketing, distribution channels and after-sales service system, it realize the three-way win-win with the company, partners and domestic users; On the other hand, with the in-depth research and practice of online marketing channel expansion, Internet product customization, and Jingdong Ali and other platform logistics docking, it achieves the good integration of product sales channels online and offline, which has accumulated experience for the company's "Internet +" strategy, and welcomes the arrival of a new era of medical equipment circulation.