The Ninth Session of The Board of Directors of Shinva Saraya

On June 25, the ninth board of directors meeting of Shinva Saraya was held in Zibo, Shandong. Directors of the Chinese and Japanese companies, members of the company's management, and heads of Shinva Medical-related units attended the meeting.

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In 2014, Shinva signed a joint venture agreement with SARAYA Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Japan Saraya”). Shinva Saraya manufactures and sells high-quality disinfectants in China by leveraging technology from its Iga plant in Japan.

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2024 marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Shinva Saraya. Over the past ten years, Shinva Saraya has gradually grown and developed with the support and help of Shinva Medical and Japan Saraya. It has now become a well-known brand in the field of medical disinfectants in China.

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Shinva Saraya will utilize the resources and experience of Japan Saraya to assist in the development of collaborative sales and open new opportunities for the use and coverage of all hospital departments. At the same time, we will strengthen academic promotion, build a Sino-Japanese academic exchange platform, consolidate and highlight international academic advantages, and contribute to the development of the global health industry.

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