It is widely applied to the washing and sterilizing of aluminum cap (not for terminal sterilization) in fields such as bioengineering, health care, laboratory animals, pharmaceutical industry, etc., and can meet the requirements of FDA and EU cGMP.

Quick opening door, easy loading and unloading of rotary cage, easy and safe cleaning and maintenance

It can be used both as a professional aluminum cap washing and sterilizing machine and as a steam sterilizer (sterilization trolley is provided separately);

Sterilization temperature 121°C, sterilization temperature uniformity  ±1°C;

Filtrated hot air drying;

Manual loading;

With standard temperature test port;

With filter SIP, filter integrity test port;

Online washing water sample port;

Central spray for washing aluminum cap;

Chamber and related safety devices meet the national standards;

Multi-access account, special configuration and manual operation according to user requirements, chamber leakage detection, temperature and pressure measurement, SIEMENS WM277 module and access to user network for production management and monitoring of equipment.