Product Introduction:

MOST Steam Sterilizer: T60/80 as a type of high pressure sterilizer, it takes steam as its sterilization medium which is fast safe and economic, inductive operation. The efficient double-pumping system and large-capacity energy storage evaporator are faster than the MOST-T conventional series sterilizer for pumping speed and steam generation. They are common used in stomatological department, ophthalmological department, operating room and CSSD to make the sterilization for warped or unwrapped instrument, fabric, utensils, culture medium, unsealed liquid etc.

Automatic door structure

T60/80 adopts multi-point synchronous linkage pressing technology, more reliable and durable.

Efficient vacuum

Efficient vacuum system, low working noisy, vacuum lower limit can reach over -90kpavacuum in high speed, perfect drying performance, thorough sterilization.Compared with the MOST-T type conventional series sterilizer, the pumping speed is faster, the articles are dried better and the sterilization is more thorough

Multiple safety protection devices

Over temperature automatic protection device, multiple control and protection for steam generator, door safety interlock protection and dual chamber over-pressure protection, electronic circuit safety device.

Built-in open-type water tank

Water tank in open type makes it easy to be cleaned. It is available to continuously run with one time water filling, until getting the reminder of replacing the water. The water monitoring module in the tank ensures the enough water level and water quality, while offering the qualified steam to the chamber and keeps the cycle running stably

Brand-new display interface

LCD screen can show temperature, pressure, time, running process, error and alarm information, etc. Sterilization information is more obvious and easier to observe the running state.

Efficient Steam generator

Adopt built-in energy-storage type steam.

Generator producing steam in high speed and good quantity

A variety of programs

Sterilization programs: Unwrapped, Wrapped, Rubber, User01, N-quick, B-quick,Prion Test Programs: BD& Helix, Leak Test.

Auxiliary Programs:Preheat, Drying. Washing

Other features

Pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, exhausting, vacuum drying totally automatic Chamber is heating by film heater, saving energy and time.

Remote monitoring:

Optional computer or Pad to complete remote monitoring

Paper-plastic bag holder: It is specially used for placing paper-plastic bags.