The dental implant unit is a dental treatment device specially designed for dental implant surgery. It can meet the special requirements of dental surgery lighting, suction and so on.

Product introduction

Dental treatment chair:

Seat cushion with body curve, backrest design to make each part of the patient have a snug support;

The cushion-compensated motion structure has a compensation angle of >8, and the patient has no feeling of being stretched and squeezed during the movement;

The treatment chair adopts the environmentally-friendly skin foaming process, the chair surface is strong and durable and the patient is more comfortable in treatment; The push-type headrest has the neck support and the head positioning function, and is convenient for adjusting and protecting the cervical vertebra of the patient during long-term treatment;

Danish Linak linear motor with low-noise and stable performance

The minimum seat position<390mm, the="" highest="" seat="" position="">800mm, convenient for the elderly and children up and down the treatment chair.

Surgical shadowless lamp

Germany OSRAM centralized light source, long service life;

Unique optical design, LED light source is not visible to avoid dazzling effect, secondary reflective design achieves the best deep cavity lighting effect, shadowless rate leader in the industry;.

High-efficiency LED light source, super high illumination at low power, perfect cold light effect to avoid burns caused by long-term surgery;

Germany ONDAL mechanical suspension system ensures flexible movement and accurate positioning of the lamp body;

Optional ceiling-mounted surgical shadowless light and camera system.

Mobile implanting workbench

All stainless steel design, more suitable for daily surface disinfection;

Electric lifting table, the height can be freely raised and lowered between 700mm-900mm;

Standard configuration of two high, one low, three surgical tubes, a three-function sprayer;

Medical silent casters for easy moving and locking the trolley;

Reserve power outlets for easy docking of various types of planters.

Leather seat

Backrest cushion angle double adjustment design;

Arm support design for surgical treatment;

Brand casters and gas springs;

Double armrests, the right armrest can be rotated

Suction system

Suction handle that meets the requirements of oral surgery 
Dirt collection bucket that can be autoclaved at 121°;
Double dirt collection bucket design, so that the operation time is uninterrupted for more than 4 hours;
Efficient bacterial filter to prevent secondary pollution to the environment during pumping.
German Dürr imported suction machine is optional.

Deputy control position

Microcomputer control, inductive keypad design;Control the lifting and lowering of the chair;
Strong and weak suction can be arbitrarily converted by strong and weak suction adapters;
The suction is delayed by 3 seconds to ensure that all the waste in the straw is evacuated.