Product Instruction

Smart Series washer-disinfector is mainly used for washing, disinfecting and drying of the instrument (including dental handpieces).glassware and plastic utensils in the hospital CSSD or operating room.The washing and disinfection effect complies with the EN ISO 15883 international standard.

Integration of washing, disinfection and drying functions;

Large hollow glass window, heat insulation, sound insulation and improved operational safety;

Large flow circulation pump, 360° all-round dynamic washing;

Independent pump drainage system to meet the upper drainage requirements and avoid secondary pollution;

The washing chamber is made of sanitary 316L mirror plate and has stronger corrosion resistance High-efficiency hot air drying system, high-precision HEPA filter + high-power air heating box + high-pressure fan standard steam condensing system;

Configure the printer (Smart175LG/120LG/120TG) to realize real-time printing of washing records;

Optional oil pump to maintain the instrument, standard washing fluid inlet pump;

Optional traceability system (optional only for Smart175LG);

A variety of washing volume and rich functional configuration to meet the needs of users.