Product Introduction

Brachytherapy equipment is a new kind of treatment equipment for tumor patients in the 1980s. On the basis of radial image technology, radiophysics, dosiology and computer technology, it modifies the disadvantages of former brachytherapy units, such as low dose rate, low accuracy, long treatment time, and radilolesion to operators. It enlarges the application of brachytherapy technology from the treatment of gynecologic tumor to the treatment of the tumors of nasopharynx, gullet, brochus, rectum, bladder, glandula mammaria, and pancreas and so on. It can be applied for radiation of intracavity, inter-tissue and canalis. As a new kind of treatment equipment, it is excellent in clinical application.

Highlighted Features

In order to operate easily, advanced Windows interface and interactive menu is being applied.

Image can be reconstructed by orthogonal, homocentric, variable angle and so on.

With optimizing computing module, the distribution curve of isodose is calculated and drawn automatically.

Treatment plan is printed by printer.

The decay calculation of radioactive source activity is made automatically.

To guarantee the safety, top brand PC and programmable controller are applied for upper unit and lower unit respectively.

By the use of high-precise stepper motor and driver in source delivery ,the maximum source positioning reset accuracy is ≤1mm.

Time for source in and out is less than 5 seconds.

Time resident accuracy is 0.1 second.

Equipped with various source applicators, XHDR18F can be applied for treatment of tumors in intracavity, canalis, intertissue and so on.