1-hour Biological Indicator

Product features

  • Self-contained design: easy to operate, reduce the risk of cross-infection and avoid false positives.

  • Extreme speed monitoring: Biomonitoring results can be read by a speed reader within 1 hour.

  • Accurate monitoring: in accordance with GB/T18281, "Disinfection Technical Specifications", FDA 510 (K) specifications, provide comprehensive and accurate biological monitoring results for each sterilization.

  • New structure: high transmittance shell material, flat fluorescence detection concentrated site, effectively improve fluorescence transmission and monitoring efficiency.

  • New formula: Efficient recovery medium, activated spores within 2min, ensuring 1h accuracy.


SHINVA Auto-Reader

Product features

  • Extreme speed detection: with high-speed biological indicator, high-precision fluorescence detection system,  final biological monitoring results within 1h.

  • Intelligent detection: The reader comes with self-test and fault protection to ensure the safe usage of the equipment.

  • Results preservation: After the culture is finished, the reader automatically saves the culture results, and can save 10,000 culture records, which can be viewed at any time.

  • Open source system: Open communication protocol that allows devices to interface with traceability systems.

  • Result printing: External printer can automatically print the training results in real time, which is more convenient and more reliable.

  • HD display: 7-inch capacitive display for real-time display of culture dynamics.