The new generation of BFS machine adopts three-in-one aseptic filling technology, namely, blow-fill-seal integrated technology which is a method for plastic packaging solution production. PP or PE granules are melted and plasticized at high temperature by an extruder and then parisons are extruded through cavities. Bottle blowing, filling and sealing are finished in bottle mold. Aseptic filling can be realized. After removal of waste materials by a cutting machine, products are finished. The machine is widely used in the production fields of plastic packaging products for terminal sterilization (such as plastic ampoule injection, LVP, etc.), aseptic products (eye drops, oral liquid, special pharmaceuticals, etc.), etc. It is not only suitable for mass production of products, but also has the advantages of good aseptic stability, low probability of cross-contamination, low production cost and management cost, etc. It has attracted high attention of manufacturers of aseptic products, medical instrument and biological agents.