PLab is a perforated pan for laboratory applications and small production batches. Thanks to its interchangeable drums (three drums available).

lt is possible to work a wide range of capacities:

·3-10 liters  · 0.5-2 liters ·1.5-5 liters

·8-30 liters  · 1.5-5 liters · 3-10 liters

·18-70 liters · 3-10 liters  ·8-30 liters

PLab Laboratory Coating Machine uses the same high technology as the production type perforated coating machine on the purpose of fitting into producing different types of products after a maximum flexibility and scaling up easily._ The high automation of the machine is more easy to operate and maintain. Thanks to a smart shape,Perfima lab can connect with a public facility easily and quickly. Perfima lab can not just considered as a laboratory machine, but also can use as a small batches production type coating machine which thanks to the interchangeable drum design(three types of drum:10L,30L,70L)and the processing capacity range can be wide range from 3L to 70L.