P series perforated pan for tablet coating is a flexible and reliable machine providing high efficiency in the field of automatic coating equipment the machine is also suitable for  containment installations ,reducing operator exposure in case of highly active potent ingredients(hapi) processing.


The shape of the pan combined with the mixing baffles positioning on the central sector of the drum ensure a perfect and uniform mixing of the cores. The mixing capability is maintained in case of minimum or maximum quantity of product, allowing a wide range of batches to be processed in the same machine(from 25% to 110% of the pan capacity). Position and dimensions of the outlet air duct are designed so that to guarantee a good and uniform drying of the productthus saving energy.


2-The machine can be fitted with automatic product loading and discharge. On a standard Perfima pan, product discharge is achieved through a discharge tube connected to the pan by a fast fixing system. This system has no deed zone and guarantees 100% product discharge to the bin.

With the increase of the requirement for the production and development equipment of highly isolated powder treatment, granulation, tablet press, capsule filling and coating, SMA launched the laboratory and production highly isolated containment solid preparation line in time to meet the market demand.

The design of containment equipment must be a risk-based solution which needs a preliminary analysis of key and potential risks for pharmaceutical processes and factory conditions, regulations, layouts, and industrial objectives.

The inlet and outlet of the highly active powder is conducted through the sealing αβ valves. The containment cavity adopts the inflatable sealing, and does not deflate after power off, ensuring complete sealing and production area isolation.

The containment cavity is made of stainless steel AISI304, and the micro negative pressure is maintained during production.

The side door is automatically locked and tested when the machine is turned on, and inflatable sealing is used to prevent operators from being hurt by wrong operation.

Clean air passing through primary, medium and high efficiency filters will be sent to the host machine by the pressure fan; the exhaust air disposed by the high efficiency filter through the dust collector and the bag-in-bag-out system and will be discharged to outside. During the whole production process, the host machine cavity is kept with a micro- negative pressure of about -50pa.


All parts in contact with the product will be moistened or cleaned online with more strictly and complex principle before removal according to operational risk control analysis.