The SMA DG series dry granulator is a product developed and launched independently by learning and absorbing international advanced technology and combining the company's sophisticated manufacture ability.

The horizontal screw feeding method is characterized by wide adaptability of materials, high molding rate, good impermeability and easy cleaning and maintenance.

▶Material supply stirring part

The hopper is equipped with a screw mixing device, in which the materials can be transported uniformly, preventing the suspension of the bridge. The hopper is equipped with an exhaust device that can discharge excess air in the material in time.

▶Horizontal screw feed part

DG150 adopts double-stage screw to feed, ensuring the material distribution in roller

In the process of horizontal screw feeding, a vacuum exhaust system is provided to remove the air generated during the material compression process and guarantee the yield of the material.


A closed loop system is formed to control the feeding screw speed and the roller gap to ensure a constant roller gap. The control precise of roller clearance is ±0.1mm

The hydraulic system adopts the patented automatic compensation control system, which always ensures that the two rollers are parallel in the working process. To ensure the thickness of the finished product is even. Pressure control accuracy of roller is + / - 1bar.

The roller part is equipped with water cooling system to control temperature rise and prevent material deactivation or property change at high temperature.

For different materials, we can provide a variety of surface shape roller, such as straight lines, smooth, knurling, etc.

▶Crushing part

the rotary speed of crushing knife can be adjusted without step. The lower end of the crushing part is equipped with a sampling port, which can detect the material in time.

▶The DG150 is equipped with a two-stage granulation system, and the two-stage granulation knife can be driven independently. Different rotating speeds can be set to ensure materials homogeneity after the granulation.

There are a variety of specifications and models of weaving and punching network for selection.

The clearance between the sieve and knife can be manually adjusted by an external knob.

The lower end of the granulation system is provided with a sampling port, which can detect the material in time.

▶The discharge port is divided into main channel and fine powder channel. Finished particles are discharged from the main channel. The fine powder channel is connected with the vacuum feeder, which can implement the roller pressing circulation.

▶Positive pressure containment system of transmission shaft

The advanced positive pressure containment system is used at the contact part of material and rotating shaft to prevent cross contamination in transmission area and production area.

Positive pressure containment system with damage detection function can further ensure the sealing effect.

▶Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean

The equipment adopts quick installation design. The parts can be disassembled and installed easily with normal tools.

The parts can be disassembled thoroughly and easy to be cleaned.