Turnkey solution for laboratory solid dosage process equipment can be provided to meet user test and R&D requirements. Besides, process support from pharmaceutical technology companies is available.

P MINILAB coating machine uses the same high and new technology as the production coating machine, ensuring that it can produce various types of products, giving maximum flexibility and facilitating scale-up. It is highly automated and easy to operate and maintain.

▶ It is suitable for laboratory and small batch production. Because of the interchangeability (applicable to three types of product containers), it can be applied to wide-range batch production.

Basic structure

▶After years of verification, the patented PELLIGRINI stirring blade ensures a perfect and uniform mixing.

Mixing performance and batch

▶The pan combined with the mixing baffles is positioned on the center of the drum. The mixing capability is maintained in case of minimum and maximum quantity of products, allowing a wide range of batches to be processed in the same machine (from 25% to 100% of the pan capacity).

Air flow direction

▶The position and size design of the exhaust devices ensure that the gas covers the same distance when it passes through the sheet bed, allowing better and homogeneous drying compared to other perforated pans while avoiding a 25% energy loss.    

Exhaust duct

▶Exhaust devices are easy to disassemble and comply with the most stringent cGMP requirements.

Spray system

▶ The sugar coating gun and film coating gun can be easily attached to the support arm. The film coating system is equipped with a peristaltic pump and a low-pressure plunger pump (depending on the product viscosity), as well as complete on-line pressure control and spray gun control.