Turnkey solution for laboratory solid dosage process equipment can be provided to meet user test and R&D requirements. Besides, process support from pharmaceutical technology companies is available.

This machine is suitable for laboratory and small batch production, and can realize the functions of top spray granulation and bottom spray coating. It integrates all the functional components required by the process, and features compact design, small floor area, free movement and high flexibility. It is very suitable for process research in scientific research institutes and pharmaceutical factories.

▶It has the functions of drying, granulation and coating, and realizes different processes through 

▶ The product containers for the following batches can be provided.

▶ Inflatable sealing gaskets are used between chambers to protect the operator, the machine and high-activity products.

▶ It is easy to change and wash bag filter because bag filter can be automatically raised and lowered.

▶The outer surface of the machine is processed with wire drawing and the inner surface is polished, which are beautiful and easy to clean. The contact parts are made of SS316L and meet cGMP requirements.