Product features

Corrosion resistant materials: 316L

Inner Chamber of sterilizer is using 316L stainless steel material, good corrosion resistance, can resistance to chlorine ion erosion

Professional technological process

Based on the characteristics of different sterilization items, set up special sterilization process parameters and process, to insure the effect of sterilization in the protection of sterilization items at the same time

The dimensions can be customized

Based on the size of the sterilized items, design of the sterilizer chamber, high volume utilization ratio, and big loading capacity

Isolate the sealed structure

Two-door structure, pressure safety interlocks; biological seal structure, can realize strict biological seal in front and back of the sterilizer, also strict seal pipeline.

Professional loading

Dedicated loading trolley, high loading capacity, improve the working efficiency

Easy operation, safety use

The sealing door full automatically open and close, with safety device and manual operation device 

Long service life

The chamber is made of SS316L, jacket is made for SS304; the main body adopt the robot welding process to improve the service life.

More orderly scene

Sliding door mode, safe the space

Easy operation

Full automatically running, touch screen control, parameters synchronous display 

High stability

Main control parts adopted import, more stability and reliability 

High safety

With alarm system and emergency stopping device; all main valves have manual control mode

Remote network monitoring

With computer USB connector, can be realize the remote network monitoring.

No need extra service space

The sterilizer has own service space, no need extra service space

More capacity option

The volume capacity from one cube meter to more than ten cube for option

Low requirements of public engineering specifications

The draining system had been through cooling process, low requirements of public engineering specifications