Product Introduction

BCR-I series Individually Ventilated Cages are suitable for the feeding of SPF rodents. Each cage provides independent air supply and ventilation, which can realize strict biological control of animal living space and effectively prevent cross-infection between different cages. The system can achieve positive and negative pressure control.

This product is widely used in Experimental Animal Centers, Drug Testing Centers, Centers for Disease Control and other Quarantine Agencies.

Product Features

Energy saving

Compared with open-breeding, sealed cages can achieve waste gas discharge and reduce odor emissions, which will greatly improve the animal room environment and effectively reduce ventilation rate of animal room. Energy saving can be more than 30%.

Work stable

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and ventilation fans are world famous brand which is stable and reliable.

Ventilation rate, pressure difference, temperature and humidity detection.

High-precision wind speed, pressure difference, temperature and humidity detector can realize on-line monitoring for ventilation rate, pressure difference, temperature and humidity in cages.

Ammonia gas concentration detection

A high-precision Ammonia gas concentration sensor is installed in the main exhaust duct to on-line monitor the Ammonia gas concentration in the cage

Day and night operation mode

Automatically switch the day and night operation mode to avoid influence the animal activities and rest and to protect the animal welfare.

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

Built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can make the fan continues to work once the external power supply is interrupted.

Alarm detection

The main machine has multiple alarms such as abnormal parameters, abnormal working conditions of components, filter clogging, abnormal power failure, etc. to ensure stable operation of equipment.