Product Introduction

BDS-H series of diffusional hydrogen peroxide disinfector uses hydrogen peroxide gas as a disinfectant and sterilization agent Suitable for disinfect gases in confined spaces, pipe surfaces and equipment.

For facilities before reuse, shut down, daily regular cleaning, and ast recovery of biological contamination.

The disinfector could finish an exhaustive disinfection on sterilization to the air and objects surfaces in the specific space.The extent of disinfecting to the microbe could reach the level of sterilization. Safety, high intelligence, convenient.

Diffusional hydrogen peroxide disinfector disinfect in areas up to 600m3

HPV disinfector (pipe) is a kind of small mobile devices, it can be connected to the space through the appropriate hose and secure interface to accomplish the sterilization or disinfection work.The small experimental equipment includes biosafety cabinet, IVC mainframe, IVC cage, carbon dioxide incubator, small freeze dryer, etc.

Product Features

Completely effect of disinfection/sterilization

The function of broad-spectrum disinfection and sterilization of the equipment will make the bacteria, virus and spore these microbes dead and deliver 6-loq bio-decontamination.

Good compatibility

The gas of H2O2 is compatible with objects to be disinfected. And there is no harm to the surface of room and facilities

High safety

There is no residual with H2O2 vapor offering user-friendly operation with unique parametric cycle control.

Display and operation section are completely separated with disinfecting area. Operato can stand outside the space to monitor and operate the equipment to protect the operator.Once abnormal happened, intelligent detection of HPV concentration in space may cause the warning to ensure that people and animals will always be in a safe environment.The device comes with the function of decomposition of HPV and ventilation to ensure that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the area could be controlled within 2PPm at the end of the disinfection or sterilization.

High efficiency of disinfection and sterilization

Process of disinfection or sterilization could be adjusted with the size of room. It will be 4-6 hours to complete disinfection/ sterilization in a normal isolation room.

Intelligent, easy to operate

The device uses a touch-screen operation controlled by a programmable logic controller.It's flexible to set parameters. Based on pre-set, The equipment can run automatic disinfection or sterilization cycle without human intervention in the whole process at room temperature and pressure condition. It can be disinfected or sterilized individually for any sealable zone

Convenient for monitoring the effect

There are chemical and biological indicators permitted by the state health ministry approved monitoring the effect of HPV sterilization. User can always monitor the sterilization effect, convenient and reliable.