The Grace-D XH501 Dental Unit is developed based on the theme of "comfortable treatment" by SHINVA. The design takes into account the comfortable and convenience of the patient's visit and doctor's operation. The excellent material selection, ergonomic design, microcomputer automatic control and mold production process makes it reliable performance, convenient operation and beautiful appearance.

Product introduction

Freely close to patient

The pear-shaped back design allows the doctor to freely close the patient, and the ultra-thin chair back maximizes the doctor's legroom;

Cast aluminum curvy plate, cast aluminum handrail and cast aluminum base plate

The cast aluminum structure design reduces the weight of the whole machine while ensuring rigidity. The wide curved plate ensures the stability of the chair back. The aluminum alloy solid wood inlaid armrest is more suitable for the trend of the clinic home decoration style; the cast aluminum bottom plate adopts six-point positioning, and the stability is better;

Stable structure for the side box connection of the chair frame

The side box connecting plate is connected at the center of the device, the mechanical structure of the device is more reasonable, and the stability of the device operation is greatly improved;

Seat cushion and backrest design fits human curve

Make each part of the patient have a snug support;The cushion-compensated motion structure has a compensation angle of >8°, and the patient has no feeling of being stretched and squeezed during the movement;The treatment chair adopts a soft PU foaming process to make the patient more comfortable;

Comfortable movement

The push-type headrest has a neck support and a head positioning function to facilitate adjustment and protect the patient's cervical vertebrae during prolonged treatment: Adopt high quality linear motor, with low noise and stable performance;The minimum seat position<390mm, the="" highest="" seat="" position="">800mm, which is convenient for the elderly and children to go up and down the treatment chair: The backrest drives by rapid motor, and the entire chair back pitching motion is completed within 8-10 seconds;

Side box

It adopts recyclable environmentally-friendly plastic for injection molding, which is easy to disassemble and has a large maintenance space;

The dental spittoon can be rotated 180° for patient convenience;

Quick-plug ceramic spittoon and faucet for easy disinfection;

Quick-plug strong and weak suction filter, external filter, easy to clean and maintain;

With automatic flushing spittoon, constant temperature mouthwash function;

Instrument tray - Doctor's workbench

Microcomputer control, keypad design, five sets of memory chair program and multiple machine chair linkage functions;

Large instrument tray for two-hand operation: detachable instrument plate silicone pad for easy cleaning and disinfection;

The handpiece rack can be rotated by 90° for the convenience of doctors;

With water, gas, electric main switch, one-button cutting equipment water and electricity supply;

Assistant workbench

Four preset position control, nine button functions;
The assistant rack can be rotated by 90° for easy four-hand operation;


The overall reflective LED oral lamp, three-level brightness sensing adjustment, to avoid cross-infection;

Doctor seat:

Double adjustment seat, which can adjust seat height, backrest angle and seat cushion level;

Foot switch:

Compound foot switch:It can control the lifting and lowering of the chair, the mouthwash, and flushing spittoon