S250C model is upgraded from S250 and still with interchangeable turret.

▶Adopt reinforced frame design, more stable running under high stress with wider range of application .

▶Adopt Germany brand IPC with fast response speed & high reliability.

Better construction

▶Alin-one machine design, move conveniently;

▶Back positioned electrical cabinet with more Operation space in front'

▶Controlled by cantilever screen structure, can multidirectional rotating, avoid accidental injury;

▶Unique oil scrapper design with better scrapping result;

▶Optimize feed structure with short transmission distance,free maintenance.

▶Interchangeable turret, internal module can be lifted,simple operation in short time.

Better Seal

▶Gas spring lock+double mechanical lock, higher safety;

▶The entire silicon sealing strip,sealing effect is better';

▶Adopt to highly sensitized products . 

Better Outlook

▶New design with modern outlook, friendly HMI.

Powerful Monitor Function

▶Display pre and main pressure bar chart'

▶Automatically control tablet weight through pressure;

▶Upper punch tightness;

▶Tablet jam;

▶Pre and Main pressure tablet thickness;

▶Monitor Ilubrication oil pressure'

▶Monitor single tablet ejection;

▶Monitor pressure overload;

▶Monitor motor overload;