Waters series

Main purpose

It is mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting water of endoscope washer-disinfector; for cleaning water of special flowing water cleaning tank, disinfection tank, full pipeline perfusion device, pressure water gun and ultrasonic washer.

Product structure

The core process of Waters-FE series equipment is divided into two parts. The first part is the reverse osmosis sterile water manufacturing department. The second part is the sterile water storage water supply part.

Performance features

Perfect power saving and water saving functions;

Perfect emergency plan for online maintenance;

Reverse osmosis host with automatic pulse flushing

Pre-treatment system automatic flushing and regenerative operation

With dry-run protection, high and low pressure protection and other functions

According to the different points of usage, water requirements can be unified, it can achieve split and constant pressure water supplying;

Multi-function monitoring for online display; achieve online display and control of water quality, flow, pressure, etc. (High configuration)

PLC+ touch screen automatic control, can count the accumulated working time, with fault alarm, automatic reminder of consumable life (High configuration)

Sterile water tank, sterile stainless steel water tank, UV killer and ozone sterilizer, sterile water circulation water supply system.