Product introduction

Clean Q electric steam generator produces clean steam by electrically heating pure water. It has the advantages of small volume, fast heating, no pollution, convenient operation and high reliability. It can effectively solve the dressing yellow bag, instruments rust and other issues produced by the hospital after sterilization. 

Product features

Safe and reliable

Low water volume is safer. The water volume is less than 30L, so no installation notification and registration is required.

High thermal efficiency

High heating density, thermal efficiency up to 98% with energy saving and environmental protection.

Faster steam production

It takes only 10 minutes from start-up to heating to rated pressure (0.65Mpa).

Cleaner steam

All stainless steel material with automatic sewage function and automatic timing to eliminate the internal precipitation of the evaporator and Improve steam cleanliness.

Fully automatic control

One-button start, fully automatic control. Automatic water adding, automatically cut off heating if water shortage.Automatically control heating on and off according to the steam pressure which is easy to operate.


Product introduction

This equipment is used to produce clean pure steam that meets the "pure steam" quality standard. It is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of the pharmaceutical industry, medical and health, food industry and related pipelines, tanks, sterilizers, etc. . It can effectively prevent heavy metal from re-contaminating the material and prevent the yellow bag from being wet due to steam difference.

Product features

Adopting the most stable shell-and-tube heat exchanger structure;

The flow-through parts are made of 316L to ensure the cleanliness of the steam production environment;

The main body of the equipment adopts a tubular heat exchanger with simple structure, which can meet the wide demand of marketing.

Industrial steam pipes are made of high quality 304 stainless steel. The steam pipe is made of 316L to ensure the cleanliness of steam transportation.

The main control parts and parts are all selected from imported high-quality parts, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of such equipment.

The main body is insulated with internal and external heat, and the surface temperature does not exceed 40℃ to reduce the usage of unit air conditioning load.