Product introduction

Based on the principle that the boiling point of water will be reduced under low-pressure state, Medical vacuum dryer can make the water boiling at lower temperatures.With boiling and vaporization, the water on the outer and inner surface of the instruments can be quickly separated. Meanwhile, the vacuum pump will exhaust the vaporized steam rapidly. With ventilation valve intermittent opening, it will speed up the air flow in the chamber to achieve the purpose of rapid and thorough drying for the instrument loadings.

Four major advantages:

Security protection

The vacuum dryer can achieve drying under low pressure and low temperature environment, which can effectively avoid the damage.from the high temperature;

Wide range of application

Can dry for various types of precision instruments, complex structure devices and thermal sensitive instruments;

Drying fast and thoroughly

Can achieve completely drying for items in short time.

Energy efficient

Vacuum drying at a lower temperature, can achieve drying with less heat.