Product introduction

Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer-disinfector is designed based on the standard ISO15883-4 which is special used for washing and disinfection for Flexible Endoscope.

Product features

Endoscope protection design

Leakage test function

Process tracking system

Process data printing

Process data management

High efficiency washing

Rider series automatic endoscope washer can finish the entire washing and disinfection process for one piece of flexible endoscope within 15 minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of endoscopes turnover.

Self-disinfection function

After finishing the maintenance, repairing or interruption for the machine, should run a self-disinfecting program.

The self-disinfection function can thoroughly disinfect the machine chamber and pipe, including the 0.1μm filter, to prevent the washer-disinfector from becoming a source of pollution.

100% Washing and disinfection

All-round, full pipe washing and disinfection

Endoscope lumen pressure booster pump

Filtered water rinsing

Drying function

Perfect protection for operator

Automatic door, foot pedal switch

Fully enclosed

Chemical additives automatic added

Disinfectant automatic addition and discharge function

Technical parameters