Product Introduction

LMQ.C series is one of the vertical sterilizers. It takes steam as its sterilization medium which is safe and economic. They are common used in small hospital, clinic, health care institution, laboratory to make the sterilization for fabric, utensils, culture medium, unsealed liquid, rubber.etc. The design of chamber accords with state GB1502011, GB8599-2008 CE and EN285 standard.

Product features

Microcomputer control technology, touch-key 

Display of dynamic sterilizing process graph, LED display of chamber temperature, time and fault code

Equipped with sterilizing programs of unpacked instrument, instrument parcel, dressing, rubber and fluid medium 

Dynamic pulsed exhausting function, totally exhaust the cold air from chamber to guarantee steam saturation 

Chamber heating and heat-dry function effectively improve the drying result after sterilization

Build-in water tank, steam and water inner circulation

Over-heat auto protection device, door safety lock device, over-pressure relief valve, short-circuit protection, over-pressure protection and insulated door cover 

Optional printer



Product advantages

The cabin is made of high-quality aluminum alloy anti-rust board, which has superior thermal conductivity, smooth surface and improved heat radiation efficiency, which is beneficial to the temperature control inside the chamber and effectively improve the drying performance;

The outer wall of the chamber is covered with a PTC heating film, which is safe and efficient, and has a uniform temperature rise;

Tempered glass seal, high perspective window, to ensure the seal at the same time, it can observe the inside situation during operation;

Electric lock, automatic detection of door closing position, safe and convenient to avoid misoperation caused by manual operation;

High-efficiency vacuum pump, stable operation, low noise, low vibration, fast pumping speed, convenient maintenance

The control system adopts 7-inch color touch screen display control, which can display parameters such as bulkhead temperature, cabin pressure, running time, alarm information, etc. One-button start is convenient and quick, with automatic fault detection function, built-in 8 sets of standard programs, 4 sets of customization program. The user can adjust the parameters according to the requirements, the process is intuitive, the operation is easy;

Intelligent drying, the equipment uses high-precision transmitter technology to intelligently judge the dryness. After drying the item, the program can end the operation to achieve one-button drying;

Power-off memory function, the program automatically resumes operation after the equipment is restored to power-on;

Communication mode, PLC and touch screen adopt Ethernet communication, and data interaction is fast and reliable;

The bottom of the equipment is equipped with a water tray to collect the discharged condensate without the need for an external exhaust pipeline.