Product introduction

MAST-H is one of the new breed of state of the art steam sterilizer with large size capacity while offering automatic horizontal sliding door, intelligent control, reliable operation and easy maintenance, which is suitable for the high level customer with large scales. It is developed according to the latest requirements of medical institution and CSSD. MAST-H sterilizer can be widely used in biological engineering, health care, animal laboratory, pharmaceutical industry for the sterilization of biological products, containers, sterile clothing, medical equipment, medical dressings and other items.

The design of chamber accords with state GB1502011 GB8599-2008, FDA and European EN285 ,EC19723 standard.

Product features

Automatic horizontal sliding door

Superb chamber machining and welding process

Nice chamber design

Reliable and durable chamber

Reasonable sealing structure

Unique vacuum noise-reduction system

Humanized operation system

Reasonable maintenance space

Technical Parameters