Cart Washer-disinfector

Large-scale cart washer-disinfector is specially designed for large items such as:trolleys,racks,vessels and something like these. It is featured by huge-capacity, thorough cleaning and high degree of automation.

  • The door is automatically horizontal sliding style. It is easy to operate

  • The door is of double-layer safety toughened glass which is convenient for the operator to observe the chamber washing items and it is as well as good at heat and noise insulation

  • The door is impacted automatically through a special structure. An execute organ will impact the door on the sealing joint strip when the door is closed, which makes the door an excellent sealing function

  • Unique side spraying system: There are many lines of nozzles on two sides of the chamber.These nozzles swinging automatically from right to left guarantee high washing effect and make the chamber no "dead corner"

  • The bottom tilting system: the whole bottom of the chamber can be inclined toward one side automatically to remove the stagnant water remained in the washing items in this way to improve the washing effect and shorten the drying times.(suitable for madel DXQ5000 and DXQ6000)

  • Automatic doorsill: When the door is opened the doorsill will move automatically to fill up the space for opening the door left. It is easy for the trolley with wheels into the chamber free of obstacles.

  • Temperature is continuously adjustable : the temperature of washing, rinsing and disinfection is 40-90℃ and is continuously adjustable

  • Add detergent automatically: the detergent is provided for washing and rinsing timely and quantitatively according to the setup procedures.

  • High-efficiency air heating system: the air can be heated up to the required temperature in the shortest time. A unique air preheating system eliminates the impact on the air heating system because of circumstance temperature.

  • Unique hot air distribution system: A number of air inlets fitted in the machine ensures the hot air evenly distributed in the chamber and in this way improves the drying effect

  • Water-saving system: users can choose water-saving modules according to actual using conditions to reduce water consumption. (suitable for madel DXQ5000 and DXQ6000

  • Easy for installation: two types in-floor mounted and on-floor mounted are available, at the same time the equipment is installed with bearing corner-wheels convenient to installation for the user