Emulsification enhances antigenic characteristics of vaccines.

Volume: 50-12000L

Automatic CIP and SIP for tank body, product pipeline, air inlet devices and exhaust devices

By connecting the sterilizing device, the instantaneous high-temperature sterilization of the oil can be realized and better aseptic treatment can be achieved.

With the aid of software for flow field analysis, special design is carried out on the mixing paddle to achieve the best emulsification effect.

Various emulsion states of different products can be realized by emulsifying machine/homogenizer and stirring device.

Multi-function touch screen operation, visual display of process and operation status, data recording of temperature, pressure and liquid level and time, curve, and alarm function

Multi-level password protection, electronic signature and audit trail in compliance with FDA 21CFR_part11

The control system is implemented according to GAMP5 requirements and perfect validation documents are provided.

Perfect safety protection function is provided to ensure personal safety and equipment safety,

Modular design and assembly—all pipelines, valves, instruments and control operating systems are integrated on an integrated rack.